Wednesday, July 8, 2015

California Dreaming

California Dreaming
Gardener Henry

California Dreaming
Gardener Zachary

California Dreaming
Henry - thinking wistfully of cool, wet, green, green grass

California Dreaming
Henry: (sigh)

Dog Blog Post #1838

The boys...

Daily Dog Challenge 1345. "At The Edge"

... of the...

Our Daily Challenge - July 7, 2015 - "Gardening"

... books - my pre-dogs, pre-photography, pre-drought hobby.

With 25% mandatory cutbacks and landscape watering allowed only twice a week, about all we can do is try to keep the lawn from drying up completely and hope it -and the rains- return in the fall.

We do keep a large bin in the tub to catch water otherwise wasted getting warm water to the shower (shower/tub are separate, but on the same line) and use that to flush the toilet and/or share with a few lucky plants or excessively dismal patch of grass.

Thankfully, established roses are surprisingly resilient to heat/drought so long as you don't expect them to flower. I skipped pruning/deadheading and they still managed a rather impressive display again this spring before slipping into a long, green but flowerless summer slumber.

Agapanthus are the true stars. While the foliage isn't as fresh as it could be, the flowers are just as plentiful and always spectacular.

Photography Assignment

California Dreaming
Zachary: "Don't be a water waster!"

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