Thursday, April 5, 2012

Party Animals

Party Animals

Dog Blog Post #648: I'm death warmed over with this dismal cold and the Daily Dog Challenge wants me to do what?

157. Party Animal -Show us how your dog likes to have fun today! It can be natural or set up, but lets see what brings out the party animal in your dog.


Add to it...

Our Daily Challenge - April 5, 2012 - "Crooked"

... and aren't party hats always on crooked???


Scavenge Challenge April 2012 - "1. ScavChal is officially one year old this month. Celebrate our anniversary!"

... and you get the shot above.

Frankly, I think my cold is winning, and while my mind was dreaming up awesome anniversary ideas, complete with mosaic shots of a few months adorning the "wall", my body just wanted to crawl back under the covers with a dog or two on top for warmth and a box of tissues.

Party Prep
"Really, Mom? That's not enough for a party."

Party Animals

Party Animals

I rather like that shot, above, as it shows off the curve of Zachary's neck and his ruff and profile - but it lacked "crooked".

Ah well, one never knows when taking pictures. At least today they were all in focus.

This is in sharp (cough) contrast to yesterday, where the autofocus inexplicably turned myopic on me, leaving all the best poses looking like I'd smeared the lens in grease.


... time to crawl back into bed. Oh Zachary... Henry...

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zeeFM said...

that strip of drool... =P

houndstooth said...

I am rolling over the "Coooookies" shot! Oh, the drool! Bwaaaa ha ha! I love the last shot, and I think you still could have pulled crooked out of that, but I can see where the first one covers it better.

I'm sorry you're still so sick! Hopefully today's assignment is easier!