Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tax Day

Tax Time

Tax Time

Origami Butterfly

Dog Blog Post #661:

April 16: Daily Dog Challenge "168. "Studious" - Our dogs all get fascinated by things from time to time. Take a picture of your dog being studious!"

April 17: Daily Dog Challenge "169. "Take Seven" - Take seven photos of your dog today and post the seventh. No cheating!"

So - how hard could this possibly be.

You throw the ball. You hold down the shutter until you hear seven clicks. You're done.

How could they possibly screw this up?

Above The Rest

How about by coming to a screeching halt right in front of me?

On shot #7.

Without even a glance my direction.


Our Daily Challenge - April 17, 2012 - "Above the Rest"

At least Henry stopped under the apple tree, which is flowering Above The Rest of the garden.

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houndstooth said...

I still love the tax day shots! Those are classic. And I really tried to make yesterday easy, I swear! lol

Sue and Doug said...

happy tax day!!..nice work on the oragami!!

Sheltie Times said...

Orgami should help with the challenges.

Sage said...

OK, Zachary, we probably shouldn't eat the profits, but they are just so tempting.

Sabrina PugTails said...

The tax day shots are great! At the end of the day, did you get any cookies back?

Brando and Bogart said...

Remember all those Pup donations you made to society!! Dont forget the Charity work you did!! Dont leave any info blank- Great Picutes- Nice Job leaving the treats!! Impressive!!!

Pup Fan said...

They look so serious... I never knew CPA stood for Certified Puppy Accountant!

Anonymous said...

Hey Henry, Hey Zachary,

Did you owe any biscuits? Did you take all the allowable deductions? like... toys, batteries for camera, props?

Glad you filed on time.