Sunday, April 29, 2012

Still Recovering


Dog Blog Post #673: Today's Daily Dog Challenge was..

180. Interesting Background - Take a picture of your dog with an interesting background. Pretty, scenic, or even unusual - how you interpret is left to you!

I wanted to use Zachary for this, as Henry is still convalescing from his hot spot (his right cheek, under his ear flap), but as soon as we went outside, all Zachary could think about was The Ball. Part of this is just who Zachary is - and extremely smart, eager to please, Golden Retriever. And for all his brains, it is beyond his comprehension that anything can be more important than that age old ritual of

You throw it, and I bring it back

It doesn't help that Henry hasn't been very interested in playing with his Uncle, no doubt because bitey-face when you have an open sore on your face loses some appeal.

In any case, Zachary was being a ball brain, and so modeling duties - at least if I wanted to take the shot outside - was going to fall on Henry's furry shoulders.

These shots were taken in the one (and only) scrap of backyard that doesn't look destined for the compost heap. Alas, the lighting was a terrible mix of harsh dapples, and these shots were the only ones that were worth saving.

Puppy Poparazzi
"Can't a guy recover in peace?"

Henry's ear fur is looking scruffy because Zachary keeps snuffling around to keep tabs on his buddy's recovery. There actually isn't anything wrong with his ear flaps, but in order to investigate the problem area, Zachary gently noses the flaps out of the way, getting them wet and, well, snuffled, in the process.

Where's Zachary?

Behind me, "bouncing" his Lacrosse ball in hopes I'll notice and throw it.

Yes, he bounces it. He drops it, catches it on the rebound, and drops it again.

Over and over again. Very persistent.

Yes, I threw The Ball once the shots were taken.

Over and over again.

As for Monday Mischief - I'd say the nasty hot spot wins the prize this weekend, although I didn't have the heart to take a picture of it.

Henry does want to thank his well-wishers, and let everyone to know he's feeling a bit better already. Shaving the fur off was obviously worth it, and things are starting to dry out and heal over around the edges.

He's a brave pup, and doesn't seem to mind me tending it.

He clearly appreciates my cleaning off the underside of the ear flap covering the hot spot. Every couple hours I take a warm, wet paper towel and "melt" away the sticky, crusty goo that ends up on that ear with gentle stroking motions, then dry and fluff the fur with more paper towels. He leans his head against me the whole time, then looks bummed when I'm done.

I'm actually not sure if he finds me fiddling with his ears soothing in general, or if the sticky crusties bug him.

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Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Such a Golden Photo. Golden Hello to Henry. Glad to hear he is feeling better. Happy Monday Mischief. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar

Sue and Doug said...

oh Henry! will be better soon!.hang in there littel buddy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Henry, Jet here.

Dude, I understand your situation, I'm sporting the Shakespearean collar because of the hot spot that returned to my tail in the SAME spot as last year. Ugh.

JJ has ear issues like you, too... I understand it's a Golden thing...

Well I say bye-bye mischevious hot spot!

Lapdog Creations said...

Beautiful pic! Happy Monday Mischief!

Pup Fan said...

I hope Henry feels better soon! Hot spots are certainly no fun. Bella had one in the fall and had giant shaved patch on her butt for a while.

Colby, Raven, Elsa said...

Great pictures! Everyone always comments on how Apache's ears look crimped. I hope Henry is feeling better.