Friday, April 20, 2012

Going Wild

Growing Wild

Growing Wild


Dog Blog Post #664: The Daily Dog Challenge for today was...

172. Shadow Play - See if you can make an interesting capture of your dog's shadow today!


Our Daily Challenge - April 20, 2012 - "Growing Wild"

... and I had about 5 minutes to take it. So I grabbed my camera, a few cookies (in case Henry actually comes up with the ball, he expects to be paid for it) and ran out into the backyard.

I threw the ball, Happy-Snappied a few shots, and I was done - much to Zachary's dismay.

Later (MUCH later) after reviewing my shots, I composed the following...
Dearest Husband,

Not to be a nag or anything, but have you seen the backyard lately?

You know that green stuff that is supposed to look like someone laid verdant green carpeting on the ground?

Well it's well past the shag stage and is nearly as high as a Retriever's eye.

As for Henry, he provided the best shadow of the day...

Skinny Shadow
"Look momma, I'm a svelt dog!"
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Sue and Doug said...

very svelte indeed!!!..have a great weekend!!

Lulu Louise said...

Great shadow shot!

houndstooth said...

Henry, if your shadow gets any skinnier, it will be able to pass for a Greyhound!

Rumpydog said...

How cool! You guys are so photogenic!