Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Villain

Can't get much sweeter than Henry...

... or can you?

Dog Blog Post #657: Arg! It is waaaay late, I'm waaaay tired, and I have two totally unrelated sets of pictures. I can show the pictures I promised yesterday, but then I'll be behind again tomorrow. Or I can show today's pictures, and put off yesterday's shots at least another day.


Ok... we'll take the "Airlines" way out, bumping yesterday's shot yet again in favor of keeping everybody else on time. Hopefully in the next day or so I'll find a slot to put in yesterday's shots.

Today's challenges got the best of me. I just couldn't, in the scant time I had available, figure out how to combine...

Daily Dog Challenge "165. "Eye Candy" - Take a photo of your dog today that makes you think of sweetness. You can include something sweet, or only your dog. Just go for the aww factor!"


Our Daily Challenge - April 13, 2012 - "Villain"

... and so I punted (again) and created two shoots. In thirty minutes. From put up to take down. Whew!

Above are my favorites from each, below, a few more...


Since Henry was "Sweetness" today, that left poor Zachary to be the Villain. This also worked for...

Scavenge Challenge April 2012 - "5. Arrrr, there be pirates here! Hunt them down!"

… since I made him a Pirate villain.

And, of course, every good Pirate needs a parrot… err.. baby chicken… a…

100 Pictures in 2012 - "#8. Yellow"

… baby chicken.






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Anonymous said...

Hey Henry, Hey Zachary, Jet here. Whether sweet or villian, you guys rocked the photos!

brudy1120 said...

I think you guys look pawsome!

Doggy kisses

Sue and Doug said...

as long as Zach doesn't make Henry 'walk the gang plank'! darn cute!...mine was a naughty boy yesterday..rolled in 'poop' on someone had a bath!!

FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Hey, pirate hat and chicken are cutest. Snuggling with the cuddlies is the sweetest.

Just hopped over to catch up with your happenings and say hello! Have fun this weekend!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Unknown said...

Enjoyed the pics me matey

houndstooth said...

I think they're both too cute to be scary or villains! The boys are both adorable!