Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Golden

Golden Bunny

Dog Blog Post #646: The cold that's was passed from son to father has finally hit me.

Feel lousy.
Look lousy.


I wouldn't get too near the monitor if I were you.

Golden Bunny

Daily Dog Challenge "154. On Black - Take a picture of your dog today with a black or very dark background. It can be natural or created."

What? You've never heard of the Golden Bunny?

He leaves Lacrosse Balls wherever he goes. :)

Scavenge Challenge April 2012 - "6. Isolate a subject on a black or dark background, subject to occupy less than 1/3 of the frame."

Our Daily Challenge Apr 2, 2012 - "Up and Down"

One ear up - one ear down. :)


... off to take a shower and head off to bed, with Golden Nurses to watch over me.

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Sue and Doug said...

and he is a fine golden bunny!!

zeeFM said...

golden bunnies ! <3

houndstooth said...

He's one of the cutest Easter bunnies I've ever seen! I'm surprised he didn't have a basket full of orange Lacrosse balls there with him! :P