Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On the Move

On the Move

On the Move

On the Move

Dog Blog Post #668: Almost Wordless Wednesday...

Daily Dog Challenge "176. On The Move"


Our Daily Challenge - Apr 24, 2012 - "Change"

... gives Henry retrieving his favorite stuffie instead of Zachary and his beloved Lacrosse Ball.

Talk to the Tail
Talk to the tail

Had to have at least one Zachary With Ball picture

The Eyes Have It
Here's looking at you, kid

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houndstooth said...

I love all the shots, but that talk to the tail one is fantastic! Did you comb all those hairs into place beforehand? Every hair is in perfect place!

Sue and Doug said...

perfect tail..perfect for dusting..perfect for cleaning the table of glasses and food...just perfect for being up there held high..so proud!..love the golden tail!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Henry, Hey Zach, Jet here.

Hey Henry, cool stuffie... JJ would LOVE it and then destroy it in seconds.

Love the talk to the tail pic.