Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Paws Off

Paws off MY Switcher

Dog Blog Post #432:

Today's Daily Shoot assignment?

Make a photograph of a plastic object that you’ve used today.

My first idea was...


... but while I thought Zachary was looking pretty adorable, the shot seemed to be lacking... something.

Some hours later, I tried again with the shot way up top, and the ones below...

Typical Male

Typical Male

Typical Male

What is it about males and channel switchers?

The new Scavenger Challenge list is up - so here's a sneak peak at what some of the non-dog pictures will entail for this month:

1) Exaggerate length/height of a subject with Point of View. Keep the foreground in focus!
2) How good is your balance? Make a precarious stack of objects and shoot before they fall.
3) True confessions time! What did you borrow and fail to return? Tell the story.
4) Paw around for a non-human hand or foot. Get close in by shooting a macro or zoom.
5) Show us the end of a day with a sunset or some way to relax, etc. Go for mood!
6) Show some portion of the moon at any phase using the best zoom factor you can manage.
7) Present a man-made item more than 50 years old in a setting appropriate to its use or era.
8) A plain object. A uniformly textured background. Make a photo only using those two items.
9) Have you lost your marbles? One or many, prove you have at least one!
10) Add a frame to any new photo (your choice of subject) using post-processing tools.
11) Live plants are found in most homes and many offices. No dead or plastic specimens!
12) "Snail mail" is almost a thing of the past. Do you have any old correspondence?
13) Photograph a landmark which typifies your area (i.e., structure or terrain).
14) Find a display of produce at home, on a store shelf or at a fair and make it look good.
15) This one's particularly for the guys! Get creative and make a cool photo of a car or truck.
16) Photograph a musical instrument (yours or a friend's). No CD or MP3 players or the like.
17) Find a naturally occurring spiral, i.e., fern fiddlehead, snail shell, etc.
18) Talk a friend into posing for you. Shoot in black-and-white, please. Bonus for portrait.
19) Fine or massive, photograph a chain in such a way to give the viewer a sense of its size.
20) Whether it's chocolates, movies or bubble bath, show us your favorite indulgence.
21) No matter what our ages, we likely have some kids' toys or models around. No yard toys.
22) Find a cow. It doesn't have to be real, but it must be three-dimensional. No pictures!
23) What do you consider your greatest achievement? Represent it in a photograph.
24) The seasons are turning. Photograph something demonstrating the change.
25) Education Center: Forced perspective creates an optical illusion, misrepresenting the subject's size relative to other objects in the scene. Be sure to check out the examples here before you get started, and then have FUN with this prompt! It's easier than it sounds.

(This is how I track them - click to see much larger)

And finally, a mosaic of August...

Scavenge Challenge August 2011

1. Abandoned Home, 2. Winding Cords, 3. Slogan, 4. State Quarters, 5. Scooter
6. Metal Box, 7. Shoo Fly, 8. Lucky Horseshoe, 9. Mirror Mirror, 10. Coffee Cup Handle
11. Tilted, 12. Vanishing Point, 13. Gamer Hands, 14. Don't Shred (on) Me, 15. Stinky Lacrosse Gear
16. Not Me, 17. Suburban Night Life, 18. Fire, 19. Shells, 20. (Barely) Legal Lacrosse Stick
21. Empty, 22. Pitch, 23. Five, 24. Eye Level, 25. Intentionally Blurry?

... created using Mosaic Maker. I probably should have used white lines instead of black - oh well, live and learn. :)

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houndstooth said...

I'm still laughing about those remote shots this morning! It was perfect for the assignment!

Okay, I need a list like that and I might do better with the Scavenge Challenge. Actually, a lot of times, I have ideas for shots, and some of them I even take, but then I forget to upload them, or sometimes don't get around to them. I MUST do better this month! Gah! It drives me insane!

Low contrast? Darn it! I hate that assignment!

Sage said...

Hehe! Love the shots with the remote. "I am in control....."

greygirl25 said...

I have got to jump in on the scavenger hunt. This month looks like so much fun.

And that first photo with the remote? Guilty as charged.

Pup Fan said...

The paw and remote closeup is too perfect!