Wednesday, August 24, 2011



Dog Blog Post #425: Today's Daily Shoot assignment...

Wednesday: Make a photograph featuring parallel lines today.

... was surprisingly hard. Not that it's hard to find parallel lines. They are everywhere, and I took several flavors of them. But for some unknown reason, my pictures came out... well... how does one put it delicately.

Less than satisfactory?

Ok fine. They were crap.

They were dull in concept and tone, managed to be both over -and- under exposed, and were generally dismal to look at.

I pushed sliders and pushed sliders and pushed sliders and absolutely nothing I did managed to make them come alive.

So I gave up, turned off my "thinking" brain, and gave in to my more creative side.

They certainly aren't dull in tone anymore!


And here's a spare Scavenge Challenge shot...

"23) Five points, pieces, petals, parts, etc. Be creative! Don't simply photograph the number."


Editor's Note: Glad folks enjoyed yesterday's Squeezably Soft post. I was rather surprised Henry let me put the roll on his head, and really surprised he left it there for at least a minute while I took several shots, and then came back and took it off.

Guess all that work with hats has paid off.

What a good puppy!

I really do need to think of a new photographable challenge. Feet on something perhaps? Holding something? (Ugh - I've failed so many times with that last one.) Hmmm....

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24 Paws of Love said...

Love the second shot. Looks almost like a painting. Very sharp!

Sheltie Times said...

Interesting shots.

Pup Fan said...

I really like the photos from today!

jen said...

I love all the shots, but the 2nd is my favorite!