Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Odd Couple

Odd Couple

Dog Blog Post #410: Question: What do a dog and a scooter have in common?

Well, at my house, absolutely nothing!

And yet, there they are.

Here's Zachary's version...


Ok. Not the most interesting of pictures, I know. But I was short on time, sun, and otherwise bereft of ideas for the Daily Shoot assignment of:

Make a photograph featuring a metal or metallic object or surface.

I must admit to just a touch of pride that both boys put their paws up on the low planting area when requested, and held the pose while I walked 10' away to the get the shots.

Glad folks enjoyed yesterday's wordless wednesday beanie baby shots. They really were shots of desperation. I needed "Four Elements" and I was (once again) short of light and time. My earlier captures of "four paws" didn't turn out once viewed on The Big Screen and I had something like 10 minutes to come up with something.

Editor's Note: So how did I keep Zachary from eating the stuffy, you asked? I put it on his head, of course. He can't eat it there! Ok... bad answer. The truth is that I said "Leave it!" and then put it on his head.

Yes, it really was that easy.


A few years ago? Well, we probably shouldn't go there.

The observant might note that Henry was not wearing a beanie baby on his head. While Hat Training is going quite well, it has not yet reached the point where he will allow cute stuffies to be put on his head for long enough for me to back up and snap a picture.

And finally, yes, the fact they had their heads down was in response to a cue I gave. :)

In keeping with the Daily Shoot's theme, today, we have Scavenge Challenge's item of...

5) Let's go somewhere without using a car. Photograph an alternative mode of transportation.

... and the lower part of the scooter pictured above.


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houndstooth said...

I thought the scooter pictures were so cute! I especially love Henry's this time!

Framed by a doorway or window, yeah, I think I can do that, provided I get a little time between getting home from work and running off to the nursing home!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

All you have to do now is train the boys to ride a scooter:) I have seen it done but not by a Golden Retriever. I have no doubt you could do it though:) Lovely photos.

greygirl25 said...

In my next lifetime, I'm gonna have dogs that do what I ask, not the other way around. I love ow your boys pose so well for you.