Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Night

Thursday Night
Henry, watching a nail-biter

Dog Blog Post #2290

Apparently, the odds of the San Diego Chargers ending up 1-4, in the manner in which they did, were 1 in 30 million.

Hubby's thinking Philip Rivers should start buying lottery tickets.

Perhaps tonight's win over the Denver Broncos, putting the Chargers at 2-4, will be the start of something wonderful.

It certainly was wonderful for the Oakland Raiders, who are now sitting (at least for the moment) at the top of the AFC West at 4-1.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - October 13, 2016 - "The View From..."

Daily Dog Challenge 1809. "Dog's Eye View"

Between The Paws
Zachary - nervously eating a soda box

Between The Paws
(lick lick lick)

Between The Paws
(chew chew chew)

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