Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Henry: "Roar!"

(pant pant pant)

Fearsome Faces!

(nibble nibble)

(whisper whisper)

Hmm... that can't be good.

Best keep an eye on the Cookie Jars.

Dog Blog Post #2295

I decided to clear off the kitchen table before today's shoot. Too much football and not enough house cleaning had left it a bit... cluttered.

It was while I was bustling about - putting away the Odd Prop Box (full sun glasses and bow ties and such), Cousin Itt's green bowler hat, and a big box of Cookies that had just arrived - that I heard the distinctive sound of claws upon the family room wall.

The boys, misinterpreting my activity for Getting Ready For The Shoot, were now deep the midst of a rousing game of Bitey-Face.

And of course, the Good Camera was in the other room.

So I grabbed my ever trusty (and, more importantly, ever handy) iPhone and captured 24 mostly blurry, rather yellow, and definitely grainy pictures before the fun came to an end.

Keep in mind this is an iPhone, and these pictures aren't cropped, which means I'm hovering 2-3 feet overhead like some sort of crazed paparazzi.

Or is that puparazzi?

Photography Assignment

I was actually going to do shoot with Zachary in glasses and his knitted tam, staring at the pointy end of a pair of knitting needles, for...

Daily Dog Challenge 1815. "Details"

Our Daily Challenge - October 19, 2016 - "Pointy"

... but opted for the shot below.

I'm afraid that's as pointy as it's going to get. Adult dog teeth are surprisingly NON-pointy - at least compared to cats.

The Better To Eat You With
Grinnin' Henry

This was the very last shot, taken of a Happy Henry after a well-played game with his best friend.

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