Sunday, October 9, 2016

Wolf on the Sofa

Wolf on the Sofa
Henry: "Grrrrrr"

Wolf on the Sofa
Henry: "Grrrrr"

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I think a Golden Retriever is just about as far removed from the dog's wolf ancestors of 40,000 years ago as any dog breed can be.

Even their play has been reduced to goofy pantomime, composed mostly of them waving their paws at each other while squirming around on their backs.

Since today was FOOTBALL day, you don't even get that.

You get a shot of Henry's pearly whites, bared courtesy of my (cropped out) fingers.

See stream for the unadulterated shot.

I'm pretty sure Henry rolled his eyes at me while I did this, then waited patiently for the Cookie he knew would soon follow.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - October 9, 2016 - "Wild Things"

Daily Dog Challenge 1805. "Wolf on the Sofa"

Behind the Scenes

As Shot
The REAL picture...

As Shot
... and Henry made nary a peep


This is what happens when I start a new embroidery project.

Time just goes... poof!

A Day In The Life
Zachary: "Zzzzzz"

A Day In The Life
Henry's Nook (and paw)

In prior shots I've shown you the narrow corridor between the crate and the rocker where Henry likes to nap.

Here's the nook it leads to (and Henry's rear paw) with the crate on the left. At some point, Henry snagged the blanket and dragged it back there to line his nest.

Hard to say if he wanted something soft or if he just liked the idea of something "from us".

For now, he seems to prefer to sleep on hard surfaces - probably because he gets hot easily.

Should he ever transition to preferring soft spaces, as Zachary does, I'll be sure to add a few more blankets to his space.

Daily Dog Challenge 1804. "A Day In The Life"

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Carol said...

LOL i try that with my girl an she'll push my hand away with her paws

Furries said...

Henry, you look so vicious!