Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fluffs and Tufts

Henry Tufts

Zachary Whiskers

More Zachary Whiskers

Henry Fluff

Dog Blog Post #2288

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - October 11, 2016 - "Less is More"

Daily Dog Challenge 1807. "Abstract"

Done Yet, Momma?

Almost, sweetie.

Dog Ear
Henry Ear

Mr. Henry
Patient Henry

Yes, Henry's wearing a Fedora, as Zachary was for his pictures - you can just make out the curved shadow of the brim on top his muzzle in the second shot.


Because it keeps the flash out of their eyes.

While the main flash sits on a tripod, off camera, behind an umbrella, it is triggered by the camera firing its pop-up flash at a much reduced power setting (1/16th?)

Given how close I am to the boys when I take these close-ups, I'd rather not have to think about where the camera flash is pointing when I take the picture.

Soooo... I drop the Fedora low on their heads, safely covering their eyes, and I can go about my business worry free.

The boys think this is a dandy arrangement, and patiently wait for me to finish so they can get their Cookies.

Which are sitting in a ramekin about 6" in front of their noses, just off image.

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