Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bad Editor

Yes, I have been remiss in my duties.

And I don't even have a good reason for it.

I decided to catch the end of the baseball season by watching the last few A's baseball games of season on Friday and Saturday, as they won't make post-season this year.

Saturday was Day Spa day, and the boys managed to talk me out of anything strenuous.

And then, of course, today was FOOTBALL!!!

FWIW: All images are iPhone shots.


Henry's Tail
Henry's Tail

According to Merriam-Webster, one definition of "brush" is: "something resembling a brush: as (a) a bushy tail"

And so I present to you Henry's tail!

Our Daily Challenge - September 29, 2016 - "Brush, Brushing, or Brushed"

Apparently, getting plenty of sleep is essential to the boys'...

Daily Dog Challenge 1796. Beauty Routine"


Henry Sans Color

I love my Nikon for the overall sharpness of the images - something that my iPhone, especially in low light, can't hope to match.

However, with a push of slider here, and a pull of a slider there, it is possible to get a combination of sharpness and softness that I find rather intriguing.

Besides, today was Day Spa day and this was about as much enthusiasm as the boys could muster.

Our Daily Challenge - October 1, 2016 - "Sans Couleur"

Daily Dog Challenge 1797. "Light and Dark"


Henry's Hideaway
Henry and Sock

"A Quietness distilled
As Twilight long begun,
Or Nature spending with herself
Sequestered Afternoon --"

-- excerpt from an Emily Dickinson poem

Our Daily Challenge - October 2, 2016 - "Into the Beautiful"

Daily Dog Challenge 1798. "Wherever You Go, There You Are

Henry gave up on the Steelers - Chiefs game by half-time.

He abandoned me - taking one of my socks with him - for his favorite retreat beside his old dog crate, which is now filled with camera equipment and bins of backdrop fabrics.

This is a difficult spot to capture using the Nikon because:

1. bringing out the Nikon gets both boys excited and hopping about, which would rather defeat the point of this picture, and
2. do you really want to see the tuffs and fluffs of fur swirling around the floor in crisp detail?

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Henry's Tail
Henry's Tail

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Furries said...

Henry has a glorious tail!
The black & white effect is a great photo. It really draws attention to Henry's beautiful shape.
And the photo with the sock....awwww...he's so darn cute!