Monday, October 17, 2016

Fur and Lace

Terse Tuesday?

Fur and Lace
The softer side of Henry...

Fur and Lace
... and Zachary

Fur and Lace
Henry, making sure I have Cookies

Fur and Lace
Zachary, doing the same

Dog Blog Post #2293

The softer side of the boys.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - October 16, 2016 - "Lace or Lacy"

Daily Dog Challenge 1812. 1813. "Delicate"

Fur and Lace
The Sphinx... in Lace

Fur and Lace
Zachary, trying to look manly

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1 comment:

Teddy said...

Wow wee Zachary! Hard to look manly in lace! Maybe purple velvet for royalty!!