Monday, June 22, 2015

The Dog Ate My Homework

Zachary, what are you doing???

The Dog Ate My Homework
Zachary: "Huh?"

That's Son's take home test!

The Dog Ate My Homework
Zachary: (cough)

The Dog Ate My Homework
Zachary: "Pfthththth"

Dog Blog Post #1822

This TRUE story took place when my Son was in middle school and we had our first Golden Retriever, Beau...

One day, said Son placed his completed multi-page take-home test on the coffee table and went to bed.

The following morning, we awoke to find the test in pieces... LOTS of pieces... scattered about the Living Room floor.

Our best guess is that Beau's ever-wagging tail relocated the paper to the ground, and paper on the ground was fair game for shredding.

In any case, Son was most upset as Teacher had informed then that she NEVER excepted late work.


No excuses.


But lacking any other options, I picked up each and every scrap of (soggy) paper and crammed them into a ziplock baggie and told Son to turn the darn thing in.

Son was not happy.

I was sure he wasn't going to do it.

But he did.

He handed her that little baggie with its soggy contents gave her his "Dog ate my homework" story.

She told him she'd heard that one MANY times before, but went on to say that he's the first kid that ever produced the evidence.

And she accepted it.

He even got an A!

And the baggie came back home with its (still soggy) contents undisturbed.

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Daily Dog Challenge 329. "Well, Nobody's Perfect"

The Dog Ate My Homework
Zachary: "I was framed."

The Dog Ate My Homework
Henry: "This baggie?"

The Dog Ate My Homework
Give me that

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Furries said...

Zachary doesn't look to thrilled with that paper stuck on his tongue. I'm sure he'd much rather have a tasty treat!.
I love the look on Henry's face in "This baggie?".

That's a funny story about your son's homework and it shows what a good teacher would do when presented with "the evidence".

Ruth said...

That homework story is brilliant! Adorable photos! :)