Thursday, June 18, 2015


Zachary: "Roar!"

Zachary: (wiggle squirm wiggle)

Zachary: "Roar!!!" (paw paw paw)

Zachary: (nibble tug)

Henry: "Roar!!!"

Zachary: "Paws up!"

Dog Blog Post #1817

We're pretty sure the boys sleep while we are gone, which probably explains their friskiness when we return.

After an appropriate amount of happy greeting, a lively game of Bitey-Face invariably breaks out - involving much squirming around on their backs while waving all four paws about ineffectively.

They gently tug on each other's ears and paws, compare Fearsome Faces, then laze about until the mood strikes them again.

Sometimes I join the fun, tickling those irresistibly fluffy white bellies or pulling on a paw or two. They seem to enjoy the attention, squirming all the more while gently pawing at my hand, but they always keep their jaws well away from my body parts.

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"He he he (snort) he he he!"

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Furries said...

It's fun to see the boys playing bitey-face. They look so ferocious but it's all good fun!

Ruth said...

Great to see the boys having fun! :)