Friday, June 19, 2015

Dogs in Hats

Dog in a Hat
Henry - Dog of Mystery

Dog in a Hat
Zachary - Dog of Mystery

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Why hats?

Well, of course I think the boys look spectacular in hats - distinguished, thoughtful, and yes, goofy from time to time.


As they boys are nightly models - sitting for 6-12 pictures a day (each) - I prefer to keep the number of times they are "flashed" to a minimum.

Hats do a marvelous job of blocking the light while still providing the viewer a (hopefully) interesting shot, and I employ them whenever reasonable to do so.

Henry is well aware of hat's protective properties and will position himself to put the brim to greatest advantage.

Plus did I mention how darn cute the boys look in hats?

Editor's Note:

Some days things go exactly as planned, the boys do everything I ask of them, and still I'm left... uninspired... by the results.

Today was one of those days.

So... let's play with sliders!

Obviously, the top two shots are the result of Slider Games.

In general, I upped the contrast, clarity, sharpness, and whites, while lowering the blackness.

A slight vignette was applied, and the hat was darkened in front to keep from blowing out the highlights, which otherwise turned it white in places due to the changes listed above.

For the very top shot, I lightened under the brim so you could see Henry's eye, then had to do some fiddling with saturation and white balance to bring the color back in line with the rest of the image.

Zachary's shot had his lower shoulder near the floor darkened some as it was distractingly bright.

Photography Assignment

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Meanwhile, Back in Reality...

The original for the top shot...

Dog in a Hat
Henry - looking less Mysterious

Dog in a Hat
Zachary - Looking sleepy

Dog in a Hat
Zachary - waking up for the Cookies

Dog in a Hat
Zachary - crunching on the Cookies

Good Job Mom

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