Saturday, June 27, 2015

Simple Pleasures

The Boys
"Desert Time!"

Simple Pleasures
Henry: "One Cookie. Two Cookie. Three..."

Simple Pleasures
Zachary: "Cookies. It's Cookies not Cookie. There are THREE Cookies in the dish."

Simple Pleasures
Henry: "Momma! Zachary made me lose count."

Simple Pleasures
Henry: "One Cookie. Two Cookie..."
Zachary: "Please tell me we're not related."

Dog Blog Post #1827

Few things that I have qualifying as A Family Treasure are "dog safe", even for just photographic purposes.

A possible exception are these glass ice cream dishes.

Growing up, my family had always enjoyed ice cream - especially the homemade, hand-cranked variety.

These dishes (2 of 12) were purchased to hold small flower arrangements on the tables at our wedding reception some 27 years ago, with the thought that Hubby and I could enjoy many a good dish of ice cream together in the years ahead.

And we certainly have!

There is something to be said for sturdy, dishwasher-safe glass.

And who knows, perhaps Son will some day find a place for them in his cupboard.

For the record, they comfortably hold Three Big Cookies each.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - June 27, 2015 - "A Family Treasure"

Daily Dog Challenge 1334. "Three"

Simple Pleasures
Old-Timey Photo

Editor's Note: Zachary insisted I inform everyone that it was Day Spa Day, resulting in my Models being too pooped for proper posing.

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The Daily Pip said...

You both have good will power to resist those cookie!