Monday, June 2, 2014

My Kingdom for a Fearsome Face

Wow, you're in luck, boys - the easiest pair of challenges EVER.

All you have to do is play Bitey-Face and look Fierce.

Not Fierce
Henry: "But we're playing Tug tonight, Momma."

That's nice, Sweetie.

But could you pause long enough for a Fearsome Face or two?

Henry: "Ahhhhhhhhh"

I don't suppose you could look like you mean it?

Zachary: "Ahhhhhhh"

Something with a bit more heart and a bit less melodrama, perhaps?

"Fearsome Face!"

Whew… thank you, boys!

You had me worried.

Dog Blog Post #1436

No, they're not really fierce, but they put on a good show, don't they?

Well, when they want to.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jun 2 2014 - "Fierce"

Well, what did you THINK I was going to take a picture of???

Daily Dog Challenge 945. "Toothy"

Fierce Zachary
Zachary's best solo Fearsome Face...

Fierce Henry?
… and here's Henry's.

Am I the only one thinking of the "Lion King" when Simba was cub?

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Unknown said...

OMD the last pic. Well fearsome. Have a terrific toothy Tuesday.
Best wishes Molly

Laika said...

He he what a couple of fearsome faces. You fooled me LOL. Sniff from Laika and Vaks.

Sheltie Times said...

Feeling it.

Sue and Doug said...

have a 'fearsome' Tuesday!! cute photos as always!!!