Monday, June 23, 2014

News Alert!

In the aftermath of yesterday's Ladybug Ladybug… post...

News Alert
Reporter: "After I break the story it will never happen again."

News Alert
Reporter: "What ARE those things?"

Waiting for their Lawyer?
Henry: "It was soooooo humiliating."
Zachary: "Cookies come before an embarrassing photo shoot."

Dog Blog Post #1457

Student lured by Photographer into posing as a Ladybug.

Claims Cookies were involved.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 964. "News Dog"

Our Daily Challenge - Jun 23, 2014 - "A Pair"

… of dogs? hats? Antenna Balls?

Ladybug Costume
Soooo much easier to pose when there isn't a dog underneath it.

Antenna Ball
Antenna Ball - up close and personal!

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M. K. Clinton said...

Cookies ALWAYS come first!! ♥