Thursday, June 12, 2014

So Near...

Revisiting a shot done a while back, with the camera lens low to the kitchen table and tossing Cookies at the boys to get them to jump just high enough to be seen.

This is a fiddly shot, as I need a good Cookie toss with my right hand - with good location plus low enough so the boys stay in frame yet high enough to not hit the table - while at the same time triggering the camera at just the right moment with my left.

Zachary wants everybody to know that I am a terrible pitcher.

So Near...
Zachary: "Cookies!"

So Near...
Henry: "See 'em!"

So Near...
Zachary: "Reeeeeeach"

So Near...
Zachary: "Yikes!"

So Near...
Henry: "Tired of jumping, Momma.."

So Near...
Zachary: "Grow tongue, grow!"

I will say it was MUCH easier this time, as the boys knew what was coming.

Dog Blog Post #1446

So near and yet so far.

At least no hats were required.

Photography Assignment

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Our Daily Challenge - Jun 9, 2014 - "A Colored Line"

Yes, of course the boys got to eat some of the Cookies when we were done.

Test Shot

Test Shot
The Photographer

I occasionally use myself as a test subject, particular with the more unusually setups.

In this case, I wanted to make sure the flash (off camera to the right) was going to hit the dogs/table in the right spot and at the right angle.

No point in subjecting the boys to senseless flashing while I try to get things lined up right.

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Unknown said...

Great shots. Mum you are so clever with the camera. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Laika said...

Hey Mum don't eat the cookies ;-)

houndstooth said...

Henry's "tired of jumping" shot is my favorite! lol These are all so cute!

M. K. Clinton said...

Good grief, if my boys had to try to catch one of my throws, they'd never be in the frame! Hahaha!