Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tall Tale

Scary Spider
Henry: "Momma! Momma! There's a HUGE Spider that just crawled out from under the sofa.

Oh Henry, stop telling tales.

Henry: (censored)

Just curl up under your blankie and I'm sure it will go away.

Scary Spider
Henry: "Shoo?"

Dog Blog Post #1462

Henry swears there is a HUGE Spider that lives under the sofa.

I think he's just telling a Tall Tale.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 970. "Tall Tale"

Our Daily Challenge - Jun 28, 2014 - "Wrinkles"

I think he looks adorable when he tips his head down and his face gets all wrinkly.

Zachary vs. the HUGE Spider

Alas, Impeccable Mr. Zachary doesn't "wrinkle" like Henry does, but the fabric has plenty.

It was another of my original purchases as a backdrop that I rarely use because it has creases that are a pain to clone out.

Too bad, really, as it is a lovely piece of fabric, that complements the boys color well, and shimmers beautifully under flash.

Scary Spider
Zachary: "Mom? Oh Mother Dear…."

Not you, too.

Turn off the light and I'm sure it will go away.

Scary Spider
Zachary: "Oh yeah, like that really helped."

Above shot is without the off-camera flash, using just the on-camera trigger flash, plus the CFL behind umbrella on the right, and a small headlamp on the left spotlighting the HUGE Spider.

It was a wide aperture, slow exposure (f/2.8 1/10s) shot.

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GOOSE said...

DO NOT close your eyes boys. Trust me it would be a mistake.