Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New Rembrandt Discovered

New Rembrandt Discovered
Master Henry

New Rembrandt Discovered
Master Zachary

Or Not…

Scholarly Version

New Rembrandt Discovered
Dr. Zachary

New Rembrandt Discovered
Dr. Henry

New Rembrandt Discovered
Dr. Henry, hoping tomorrow's shoot doesn't require another weird hat

Dog Blog Post #1445

It's been in all the papers…

… or not.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jun 11, 2014 - "Faux"

Daily Dog Challenge 954. "Woe is Me"

Poor guys - weird hats two days in a row.


How about that hat!!!

It's the Party City green bowler hat covered with a 1 yd square of black fabric ($5/yd).

Set hat, upside down, in middle of square. Rubber band four corner ends together and put in crown. Spread out remaining and repeat.

Cut a circle of cardboard and shove in crown to hold ends inside.

Turn over. Tie thin black ribbon tightly around crown base (by rim) and pull fabric up to crown then allow to flop over ribbon.

Add a handy gold chain necklace and an Ostrich feather, purchased yesterday (on sale for $4!)

Post Processing

Uh… yes, there was some.

Certainly more than I typically do, although not as much as you might think - or at least not as much as I thought I was going to have to do.

Mostly I applied a very heavy vignette, swiped a polarizer brush over areas that refused to submit to the vignette (the gold collar, for example) and cranked up the warmth. A lot.

Getting in The Zone

New Rembrandt Discovered

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Unknown said...

Just love these. Look forward to some more old masters should you feel inspired. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Laika said...

What a couple of distinguished dogs :-)