Friday, December 28, 2012

Tea Time

Tea Time

Tea Time

Dog Blog Post #915

Photography Assignment

Today, the challenge was to try…

Daily Dog Challenge "424. "Something New"


Well, my lens is new.

My new lens is a 135mm prime, which requires my camera being in the family room while the dogs are posing in the kitchen (e.g. farther away than when I use with my 50mm.)

This meant the Speedlight needed to come off the camera and moved into the kitchen as well.

Since I was feeling lazy, and didn't want to unscrew one of CFLs so I could put the Speedlight behind an umbrella, I instead used my third light stand - the one that won't hold an umbrella - and moved it behind one of the CFL-stand umbrellas.

Since I didn't rearrange anything else from my usual setup, this put the flash way off to the side and fairly close to the boys.

This made for, I think, some rather cool lighting.

As for…

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 28, 2012 - "Renewal"

…, the tea displayed is called "Youthberry", which makes a very tasty and rejuvenating drink.

For me, that is.

The boys are out of luck on this one.

(I was seriously bummed by how close Henry's head was to the top of the frame in the second shot above. Henry models first, and this was one of my first shots, and sadly I had the camera too close to give adequate space above his head.


Just a bit more space above and it would have been my favorite shot.)

Zachary Bokeh

Basically the same as the top shot, except this time the focus was on the objects instead of Zachary. What a different less than a foot makes.

Tea Time

Behind the Scenes

The CFL and Speedlight huddled together...

Behind the Scenes

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Jan said...

I really wish I were not so camera-phobic when i see great shots like these.

Sage said...

Wow, your new lens is great. Love the way the lighting plays on Zachary's fur.

Badger Boo said...

My hoomum loves your pictures they are always so fantasic xxx