Monday, December 24, 2012

Night Before Christmas

Night Before Christmas

What are you two doing???

Night Before Christmas
Zachary: "You said we had to wait until Christmas to open our presents. Is it Christmas now?"

Nope, not yet.

Santa Paws hasn't even arrived.

Night Before Christmas

Stay on your blanket - no poking the presents with your paws.

Night Before Christmas

Night Before Christmas
"How about now?"

Dog Blog Post #911

Photography Assignment

On the…

Our Daily Challenge - Dec. 24, 2012 - "Cusp"

… of Christmas, the…

Daily Dog Challenge "420. Anticipation"

… is practically unbearable.




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Sue and Doug said...

Merry Christmas to your boys!! and you too!! hope that Santa Paws arrives soon!!!

houndstooth said...

I hope Santa was good to all of you! Merry Christmas, boys! Did you get something for Kitty?