Wednesday, December 19, 2012


"But how can I sleep, Momma? Christmas is just five days away!"

"What if Santa Paws didn't put me on his Nice List?"

"What if I'm on the Naughty List!"

"You don't think Santa Paws knows about... do you?"

Dog Blog Post #906

Photography Assignment

Poor Henry.

Despite his best efforts to snuggle up with his pillows and blankie…

Our Daily Challenge - Dec. 19, 2012 - "Sleep"

… just didn't seem to come.

Daily Dog Challenge "415. By A Nose"

Go to sleep Henry, I'm sure Santa Paws has you on his Nice List...


Wait...  what was that?

What should Santa Paws not know about???

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Sue and Doug said...

there is no way that Henry or Zach could every be on the naughty list!
Even Mr, Kitty wouldn't be!
nice snuggles!!

houndstooth said...

Henry, I think you are guaranteed a spot on Santa's Nice List! How could you not be? Those pictures are all so cozy and sweet -- I love them!