Monday, December 10, 2012

Momma's Little Angel

Zachary: "Mom says there's a little bit of all of us in the decorations on the Christmas Tree."

Momma's Little Angel
Henry: "I found my bit!"

Dog Blog Post #897

Photography Assignment

I told the boys there was a little bit of all of us in the decorations on our old fashioned Christmas Tree.

I think Henry's found his bit, don't you?

Daily Dog Challenge "406. Bokeh"

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 10, 2012 - "I Am…."

Henry is Momma's Little Angel, of course.

Momma's Little Angel
"Really, Momma?"

Yes, Henry.

Momma's Little Angel
"Are you sure?"

Yes, Henry.

Zachary:  "I don't suppose I could have a Lacrosse Ball instead?"

Editor's Note: Comments - I had to switch away from allowing anonymous comments the other day, as the blog was being hammered by some Russian spammer.

No, I don't know what he's selling. It was in Russian.

Yes, Blogger did catch them and thoughtfully put them in the "Are you sure this is Spam?" folder for me to sift through. But sifting through 400 comments a day, 99.9% in Russian, trying to see if anyone real accidentally got pegged as spam (and yes, the innocent get unjustly accused from time to time) was a total drag. :(

You should still be able to put in comments using one of a variety of Open ID methods. I'll wait a few days, then switch back to allowing anonymous and see if my Russian "friend" has moved on.

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houndstooth said...

He definitely looks angelic! What sweet boys you have!

I had a lot of trouble with spam for a long time, too. One of the small benefits of having the comments not work right on my blog a couple of weeks ago is that whoever it was seems to have finally moved on! I hope the same happens for you!

Sue and Doug said...

Momma's little angels..that is for sure!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful shots, so sweet and festive.