Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a Mess!

What a Mess

What were you two doing? Look at this mess!

What a Mess
Zachary: "Huh? Wasn't us, Mom it was... Kitty!"

What a Mess
Henry: "Ooo... you're busted now, Kitty."

Dog Blog Post #913

Photography Assignment

The boys blame Kitty for the…

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 26, 2012 - "Scattered"

… wrapping paper, but I'm not so sure. It seems mighty suspicious they would choose the very spot of the mess to...

Daily Dog Challenge "422. Relax"

What a Mess
"Momma, you need to aim better when you toss the cookies to us." (snuffle snuffle snuffle)

Playing with Aperture

The "busted" shot (3rd from the top and my personal favorite) was taken with my Christmas NIKKOR 135mm f/2 set at f/2, lending a nice softness to the image. The rest were mainly shot at f/6.3 except one at f/5.

Having spent the past 6 months using a 50mm with the boys about 8 feet away, I was a bit surprised how far back I had to go to get these shots. In fact, I was so far back that I enlisted a spare light stand to hold the Speedlight off camera near my models.

Clearly, Hubby now needs to buy me a larger home so I can better utilize this lovely lens!

Just for kicks, here's a shot nearly identical to the "busted" shot, accept taken at f/5.

What a Mess

While more of the boys is focus above, that dreamy softness of the "busted" shot is hard to beat.

The Guilty Party?


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Sue and Doug said...

nice unwrap, boys and kitty too!!

Cinnamon said...

Beautiful dogs and excellent photos.


How Sam Sees It said...

BOL - the one day a year where tearing paper up is allowed!


Flea said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Bad kitty! Bad, bad kitty! You do this so well. :)

Terrorzinhos said...

Christmas presents paper!!!
Beautiful shots!

Bad Kitty! =)