Saturday, December 29, 2012

Left and Right

Left and Right
"Like this Momma?"

Yes, perfect!

Now hold it...

... hold it...

... just need to...

... hold it...

... just one more second...

Dog Blog Post #916

Photography Assignment

When I asked the boys if they wanted to have their portraits taken from the…

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 29, 2012 - "Left or Right"

… they both blurted out,

Daily Dog Challenge "425. Get My Best Side"!

Editor's Note: Ridiculously hard to get this shot. I ended up standing behind Zachary (left) with my foot behind his rump to keep him from sliding backwards, then reaching over him to hold the ramekin of cookies over their heads between them JUST out of frame.

They are just so programmed to look at either me or the camera or cookies, that looking anywhere else just wasn't going to happen. At least not easily. And there wasn't room between them to tuck the cookies without them butting heads.

Left and Right
"Can we put our heads down yet???"

Oh, yes dears.

Sorry about that.

The Boys

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