Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Guesses

But Zachary Did It
Ok guys, why is the corner chewed off the pillow?

But Zachary Did It

But Zachary Did It
You do realize that money spent replacing pillows means less money available for other things.

Three Guesses
Like cookies, and tug toys, and electricity to keep the air conditioning on.
I don't suppose either of you know what happened?

Three Guesses

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Daily Dog Challenge "203. From the Ground - Take a picture of your dog from ground level today and see how it changes your perspective on things!"

Our Daily Challenge - May 21, 2012 - "Replace"

I'll give you three guesses who ate the end off the pillow.

Looks like it's time to Replace the pillow.

.... Yes, I'm afraid it's true. Henry actually did eat the corner off this pillow. And it wasn't his first. In fact, this was his sixth (and most recent*) victim.

Eating is probably a bit harsh. Henry mostly likes to comfort gnaw; it's not his fault the fabric doesn't hold up to his pearly whites. After the first pillow (or two, plus two arm rests covers) I really should have known better, and removed all pillows from reach.

But a sofa without pillows just isn't all that inviting.

After pillow #4 - the last of the matching sofa pillows - acquired a tufted end, we purchased a whole new round of pillows. These are kept safely in the study while we are away, and come out (when I think about it, or want one) when we are home.

Thankfully, my house makes dorm rooms look decorated, and so the lack of a pillow here or there really isn't the end of the world.

Besides, how could anyone get mad at something so darned cute...

Happy Henry
Yes, Henry. You're forgiven. Again. :)

* "recent" being relative, as it's been several months since he's "tufted" a pillow. I also make sure he has things lying about that he is allowed to masticate, like paper drink carriers!

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houndstooth said...

I just rolled with laughter when I saw that one on Flickr! I can't believe Henry could be guilty of such a thing!

Sue and Doug said...

poor Henry!..busted again!..we have no toss cushions in our house because 'someone' took it upon himself to remove all the stuffing!
from each and every one!..had five now we have none!

Bassetmomma said...

Ha!Ha! I love this post! Our sofa always has at least one cushion on it with a chewed corner! I have given up replacing them. :)

Sage said...

Oops. Of course, there's no 'guilty' faces there!!