Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Day

Sleepy Zachary

Sleepy Henry
"Zzzzz Huh? What? Zzzzz"

Sleepy Zachary

Sleepy Zachary

Sleepy Henry
Kitty, get some shut eye!

Kitty: "This love seat isn't big enough for the three of us!"

Dog Blog Post #696: Not easy to sleep that much! It takes skill, practice, and a strong desire to do very little!

Daily Dog Challenge "204. Relaxed - Show us what your dog looks like when he or she is relaxed today. You can add props or other things to add to the relaxation theme if you want."

Our Daily Challenge - May 20, 2012 - "Starts with 'G'"

Well, 'G' is for Golden Retriever.

You wouldn't believe how hard I had to think to come up with something for this challenge. :P

It always amazes me that the boys can do some semblance of "sleepy" on cue. They were playing right before I called them over to take these, and continued playing after I was done.

Seems like a few calming hand motions on my part (and some well placed cookies) sends them into a trace.

(This is also how I got yesterday's Three Guesses pictures, with Henry and the pillow.)

Sleepy Kitty
"Much better"

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HERO said...

OOOOOOOO! This 'Daily Dog Challenge" looks like fun. I try to challenge my Mom everyday but could always use a little help with thinking up ideas...


Your New Pal,


Bassetmomma said...

These two are just a couple of smart cookies! Pun intended. LOL! Glad to see the kitty finally got some shut eye! :)

Anonymous said...

They are just absolutely gorgeous! :)

I love sleeping as well, hehe..


houndstooth said...

Oh, I love all these shots! I just want to curl up there with them and take a nap of my own! It looks like Kitty is working hard to become a blog co-star, too. I love it!

Tanner and Beth said...

Can I come over so they can teach me that trick? I think it would make mommy really happy.

Doggy Kisses,

Sheltie Times said...

They are all great, but the picture with the two of them together is amazing.

Sue and Doug said...

a tired golden is a happy golden!!

Colby said...

I like your kitty! A nice lazy day for the Goldens and kitty.

Happy Wednesday!

Colby said...

I like your kitty! A nice lazy day for the Goldens and kitty.

Happy Wednesday!

Sage said...

I like the concept of instant "sleep"!

Anonymous said...

Hey Zachary, Hey Henry, Jet here.

Gosh, you guys get Mom to go awww a LOT! Yesterday, we thought of you because we met a new golden neighbor named Regan? Reagan? He's a 2 year old blonde boy, 85 lbs, with what Mom refers to as a spectacular tail. Since I have a handsome tail, I must say my feelings were hurt a tad.

JJ was smitten... Puhleeze!

Julie said...

Yawn ... That looked so comfy, I'm ready for a nap.