Monday, January 23, 2012

Once and Future King

Once and Future King

Dog Blog Post #575: Today's Daily Dog Challenge was...

83. Royalty - Our dogs all get treated like royalty in some way. Show us how your dog is royalty today!

How fun!

And then I read the assignment for Our Daily Challenge: "Net"

... and came up short. Mentally, that is. At first glance, those two didn't seem to fit very well together.

Now, I knew I needed:

Scavenge Challenge January 2012 - "18. Depict something mythological or legendary in an image."

... and had settled on "King Arthur" as my legend a week or so ago, and made the crown (yellow pre-fashioned foam and a $4.99 bracelet I cut apart and glued on) and sketched the shield, and I was just waiting for the right challenge to use it. "Royalty" certainly fit the bill, but what to do with "Net"? I did some google searches ("king arthur net" sort of things) and came up empty. Then searched the dictionary definition of "net" to see if there were any meanings that would be helpful.

I briefly toyed with idea of switching to King Midas and have him totaling up his "net" worth, when I did one last search on "king arthur costumes" and it suddenly hit me that the "net" in question could be chain mail.

The rest was pretty straightforward. A trip the fabric store, an extremely lucky hit on some black mesh fabric (like you might store balls or laundry in) that inexplicably had a silvery cast to it (I can't imagine what the fabric makers thought people would make out of the stuff), my son's old sword (yup, raided his room again) and ta-da! I was ready.

Alas, as the afternoon wore on, and weather got lousier, and my sniffle got snifflier, and my football team lost (don't get me started!) I found my interest flagging.

King Henry

But the shot must be taken, so I whipped out the set, the pillow, the fabric, and watched Henry hop on board. Gone were thoughts of both dogs together sporting tunics and belts, with the "chain mail" underneath, I just wanted a shot.

Any shot.

So I draped the chain mail over Henry, laid the sword and "shield" in front, plopped the crown on his head, grabbed the remote, and tried to get the camera to fire. Alas, I was standing on the wrong side of the camera, and the remote has a hard time seeing the sensor from there. So I moved farther away from the camera (to get line of sight) and then snapped it.

Henry was looking up at me longingly (for the cookies).

It wasn't until I uploaded the picture that realized I had stood in a perfect spot to make Henry look, well, majestic! (And so manly, that it qualified for 112 Pictures in 2012 - "#27 - Male or Masculine")

Sometimes luck just happens. :)

King Henry
(Mischievous look, if I ever saw one!)

For the curious, his motto (sadly left off his shield due a shortage of time) is:

Proice te. Reducam.

The really curious will have to go google translate to see what that means. :)

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Bassetmomma said...

Well, Henry sure does look like a true King!

houndstooth said...

I am still in awe of that first picture, but the last one gave me the giggles! Way to end the mood, Henry! Hee hee!

Ironically, I did Google it and all the top hits came back to your blog or Flickr! It's still a mystery! lol

Sue and Doug said...

Henry is very majestic and kinglike!!..and worthy of all his his 'subjects'!!

greygirl25 said...

That first photo is so regal looking.

Alfie | Alfie's Blog said...

Royalty suits you Henry! *waggy tail*

Pup Fan said...

So creative... I love it!

snoopy@snoopysdogblog said...

What are you plotting King Henry?! :)

So Regal.....

I've never thought of myself as Regal, but I did get called a 'Prince of Mischief' today, does that count? Tee Hee

Have fun,

Your pal Snoopy :)

jen said...

Now that is one great king!!
Henry looks like this is what he was meant to do!!

Swimflyaway said...

Okay, I googled it...nada. There were no results! Or good FREE translators!

Please translate it for us!!