Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Dog Blog Post #557: Today's Daily Dog Challenge assignment was...

65. With a Prop - Take a photo of your dog with any kind of prop of your choosing.

... combined with...

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 4, 2012 - "Leading Lines"
Scavenge Challenge January 2012 - "7. Suggest monotony or boredom in a composition."
112 Pictures in 2012 - "71. Emotion" = Bored

... revealed one of the few tricks where Henry clearly outdoes his Uncle. That would be the lay-your-head-on-something trick, where the something is the thing right under your head.

This is the perfect trick for Henry, as it requires very little effort on his part.

This is a terrible trick for Zachary, as it requires very little effort on his part.

You may recall that Zachary doesn't do "nothing" - at least not without great angst on his part. In fact, here's his interpretation of the same setup...


You will note that despite the fact his head is down (that is, he comprehends the basics of the cue) his ears remain pricked forward and there is a general tenseness about him. That's because he's waiting expectantly for another cue. Or he's waiting for a "real" cue (since doing "nothing" can't be "something", right?)

Had I told him to stay, and then turned away and ignored him for a few moments, he would probably have relaxed more. (For reasons known only to Zachary, the act of "staying" isn't doing "nothing".)

He also seems to relax more easily when Henry's with him, although I'm not quite sure why.

On the other paw, Zachary can't be beat for looking impeccable in the sunshine.

Mr. Zachary

I'm terribly torn at the moment; should I choose the picture of Bored Henry or Impeccable Zachary as my 4:366 picture of the day???

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Sue and Doug said...

any picture of Henry or Zach is worth posting!!!

houndstooth said...

I vote for the picture of Henry, just because I think it's more visually interesting. It tells a story of sorts. Zachary looks very handsome and it's a great picture, too. Either one will be a good shot to use, but for some reason, Henry's draws me in more, if that makes sense.

Is learning to do nothing one of Zachary's resolutions?

Scrappy Angel said...

all of your photos are amazing...

you inspire my human.

great work

greygirl25 said...

Of course he is bored, where is the ball?