Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being a Retriever

Being a Retriever
Dog Blog Post #564: Today's Daily Dog Challenge was thankfully one where the boys could show off their manly prowess after yesterday's feminine display...

72. "I Enjoy Being A _____"

... and what better word to fill that blank than "Retriever"?

Now, Zachary is the consummate retriever. "You throw it, I'll bring it back" is his motto, and he's never met a Lacrosse Ball he didn't love.

And he could do it all day long.

Henry? Well, he's a bit of a mercenary. He loves to retrieve, alright, but believes he ought to be paid a cookie to have it delivered to hand. :)

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Being a Retriever

Being a Retriever

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houndstooth said...

Henry and Zachary are both looking very manly today! I love this set of shots. Does it have to be a Lacrosse ball, or would any sort of ball do?

Sue and Doug said...

our Tucker is a retriever through and through..and very manly too!!..that is unless he is playing with his 'pink pig'!

Kari in Alaska said...

Those kong balls are the best :)

Stop by for a visit

greygirl25 said...

I love the two of them running together.

I hope Henry got a cookie since Zachary so kindly retrieved the ball.