Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Looking Around

Looking Around

Looking Around

Looking Around

Sleepy Henry

Dog Blog Post #563:

Daily Dog Challenge "71. Looking Around - Take a photo of your dog looking around something today."
112 Pictures in 2012 - "#30. Pink and Green"
Our Daily Challenge - Jan. 10, 2012 - "Feminine"

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Berts Blog said...

I love this one. All the pictures in this set are great, I like the last one the most.

I love your challenges.

Sue and Doug said...

those boys of yours would be pretty houndsome in any colour!!

houndstooth said...

Henry stole the show on this one! I just like the hat on the ground better than on Zachary's head for some reason. Although that last, soft shot of Henry looks adorable! You did a great job with these!

Pup Fan said...

I kind of want to hang that last photo in my house. Gorgeous.

Sheltie Times said...

The last one seems to say he is done.

Kari in Alaska said...

you look great in pink

Stop on by for a visit

Kristin G. said...

Lovely (in a handsome kind of way.)


greygirl25 said...

Pink rocks on a golden. I love how he is getting up underneath the hat.