Friday, June 17, 2011

Tired of Orange

Tired of Orange

Dog Blog Post #363: It's not that I hate orange (although florescent orange is admittedly not my favorite color) it's just that... that...

Ok... I really don't like bright orange. I love the rusts and peaches and salmons and all those other warm and rich colors of fall - but the color orange in its raw form? Not.

(And it doesn't help that orange does the boys' coloring no glory.)

So you can imagine how (cough) thrilled (cough cough) I was when the Daily Shoot popped up...

The color of the day is orange. Make a photograph that is full of orange today.

Really? Again? We just did orange not that long ago, and it looked something like this...


... and so I ran through all the orange things I could think of (revenge of the shoe boxes, the wheelbarrow, Zachary's head in a halloween pumpkin) and even pulled out the cheap sports cones (see above.) But in the end I went with the box I "borrowed" from the snack room (it was almost empty anyway) and it became my "winning" shot, below...

The Original

... altered just a bit to be more accurate. I picked this mainly because of the surprisingly crisp focus on Zachary's muzzle. Lighting was horrible, so I can't really explain it. Perhaps the "color gods" were trying to make it up to me.

That said, as I told houndstooth - if we get orange again I'm going to take a picture of one of the boys and push sliders around until he turns orange and submit that!

Now here's some colors I do like, submitted for Our Daily Challenge ("Yellow")...


... and Scavenge Challenge ("shades of a favorite color")

Fall Colors

I happen to love Fall colors, and that tree seemed to be doing a pretty good of impersonation (sadly minus the rich reds) despite it being early summer here.

And finally... "Never Ending"

Never Ending

Editor's Note: Housecleaning continues. I have great confidence I'll have my "studio" (ie: Living/Dining Rooms) back by the end of tomorrow!

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Sam said...

Very pretty! Orange is always a color I struggle with photographing. It never seems to come out, well... pleasant...


Sheltie Times said...

The cones were an original choice. Orange is not easy this time of year. A better choice for fall when you have pumpkins, etc.

houndstooth said...

I'm with you! I say we boycott the orange assignment from now until Fall! :P Actually, I really like the pictures you got, and I'm down for messing with sliders the next time the dread orange assignment pops up!

Your leaf shots are beautiful! It makes me wish (again) that we had a Japanese Maple or some other sort of interesting tree planted here. I'm still struggling with what to do for my favorite color shot.

Boondocks and Kudzu said...

Orange ju glad that's over??? BOL

Love that last tree picture! Very interesting.

Boondocks and Kudzu

Amber-Mae said...

Not a fan or orange colour too. It just doesn't go so well with Goldens. I don't know why. Anyhoo, your nature shots are just beautiful!

Kolchak Puggle said...

I love those orange cones! So adorable.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I'm over orange too:) The tree photo is spectacular and should be on a calendar or postcard or something!

greygirl25 said...

I love the orange cones.

In 2003 we bought one of the new volkswagen beetle convertables in orange.

Our whole color theme for years revolved around orange.

Yup, I've seen my fair share too.