Thursday, June 2, 2011



Dog Blog Post #348: Today's Daily Shoot assignment...

Make a photograph of a symbol today.

... was originally met with dread and some teeth gnashing. I'd had a hard time with this the last time I saw it, and my opinion of it hadn't improved any.

All morning I sat and stewed, trying to think of what I could do (other than dragging the Nike shoe boxes back out again!)

Then suddenly, it hit me.


I was standing in the break room trying to figure out which of the five bins the garbage in hand was supposed to go in.

(Yes, five bins. One for composing, one for aluminum cans, one for plastic bottles, one for actual garbage, and one just marked "Recyclables"... complete with the cute little logo...)

And that's when I had the light-bulb moment.

Thankfully, Zachary already knew how to throw paper into a can, and although we haven't practiced it in quite a while, he immediately went right to work. What a good boy!

(For the record, the paper plate and napkin when into the compost bin, the plastic fork into the recycle bin, the empty plastic bag into the garbage bin, and the soda can into the aluminum bin. The Starbucks cup (from the morning) was dissected, with the cup body and sleeve going into compost, with the lid going into recycling. Whew!)


(Editor's Note: The shoes were mine, although the boxes mostly weren't. No, neither Zachary not Henry actually chew on shoes, although Henry did sample a few at some point in puppy hood, a problem we solved by putting the shoes behind a fence until the forgot about them.)

And finally, a non-dog related, non-scavenge challenge related shot. This one is for Our Daily Challenge (yet another flickr group) and the subject was "Bumpy"...

Mr. Snail

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Amber-Mae said...

Good to recycle!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I am always in awe of how your mind works. Using a snail for bumpy is, well, awesome:)

Clever Zachary.

houndstooth said...

You definitely did way better on yesterday's assignment than I did! I love those shots! That snail is great, too!

Don't let the sunset freak you out. You can still get a nice shot as the sun sets behind some buildings. You might even get a neat silhouette effect! Heck, you have that funky sunset setting on your camera!

I'm not sure what I'll do for the world in miniature shot, the duct tape/rubber band shot or that rule of thirds shot. I don't really feel as confident about it this time as I did last time, but hopefully with break starting in a couple of weeks, I'll have time to get some good shots.

Boondocks said...

Good boy for being green!! AROOOF!