Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good to Be Square

Quilting Henry

Dog Blog Post #358: Arg!!!

So I had this great idea today - not for the Daily Shoot (discussed further below) but for one of the other two flickr groups. All excited, I grab my stuff, hop into the car, drive to the one-and-only place that I know of where I can find my Object of interest, and commence shooting.

I'm crawling around in the bushes, crouching near the ground, hovering awkwardly over other Objects of non-interest... in short... making a fool of myself. Every so often I peer into my LCD and I'm pleased with what I see. Of course, the screen is only 2-3" in size, but things look clear, the composition is good, and so I leave feeling all warm and fuzzy inside...

... until I upload the pictures.

They're all green.

Jade green, to be precise. The sort of green you might turn after having eaten too many Oreo cookies or hot fudge sundae's. It seems I accidently spun some dial or pushed some button (most likely both) and ended up with a totally wrong (and I mean totally wrong) White Balance.


After spending way too long pushing sliders, I finally have to admit defeat. I either need to go with my best guess colors (and really, I could have made it lavender or puce pushing those sliders) or go back and do it right.

Guess where I'll be tomorrow?


Ok... I vented. I feel better now.

On to the Daily Shoot...

Make a photograph emphasizing a square or a grid today.

Quilting Zachary

This was a simple "Stay" exercise - something I need to be working on more with Henry, as he's showing the occasional teenager moment...

"Sure mom, I'll stay as soon as I'm doing sniffing here."

"Stay? No problem! Gee, look at that... be right back!"

Ah, teenagers.

And for the curious, I made the quilt a few years back using a design my son created for me. :)

And a picture for Out Daily Challenge - "Before and After"...

Pine Cone to Tree

(from little pine cones, mighty pine trees grow!)

Editor's Note: On the bright side, and in a glaring Discovery of the Obvious moment, I finally realized that four of those little focus points are neatly centered on my rule-of-thirds "power points". Yes, it's really obvious. No, I have no idea why this fact didn't hit me two months ago. I was sitting there staring at the little grid lines (which divide the viewfinder into FOURTHS, not THIRDS) and wondering who the heck designed that thing, when all along, those little focus points where sitting right there, screaming "Pick Me! Pick Me!" and I was oblivious.

Ah well, live and learn!

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Ruth said...

Henry looks like he's having a bit of a teenage moment - "I could be sniffing somewhere else you know!"

Amber-Mae said...

The 1st & last pictures are quite lovely! Love the sharpness of the pictures & the colours as well.

houndstooth said...

Oh, teenage moments! We have many of those with Morgan, which is why you see so few pictures of her! That girl will drive me bald.

I still love that before and after! I have an idea I want to do for the fairy tale assignment, it's just being able to get it done.

And now I have to ask, because I've looked around and haven't found the answer. What the heck is Explore? Where on earth do you find it even?

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I think Frankie and Beryl will be teenagers forever when it comes to staying! And they're both well past being teenagers:)

Hope you get the green problem sorted! Love the quilt ... and the boys, of course:)

Sam said...

I hate when that happens!

Very nice pictures!


Kolchak Puggle said...

BOL, we can see that gleam of teenage mischief in his eyes, you know! I remember those days, when they know how to behave but they just don't!

greygirl25 said...

Once a teenager, always a teenager.

When you get ready to shoot raw, look into getting Lightroom. I can't tell you how images I have saved that were shot in the wrong white balance.

All are really nice images and I love the before and after, great concept.

Pup Fan said...

The before & after idea is so cool!