Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Second Verse Same as the First

Sweet Henry

Dog Blog Post #360: Quick! Somebody give the Daily Shoot a nudge, before I run out of dogs!

Make another beautiful shot today, but pick a subject that’s completely different than yesterday’s.

And here's what I wrote in flickr...

Yesterday we saw Zachary in his best form, ears pricked and eager for me to throw the Lacrosse Ball. Today it is sweet Henry, in the late afternoon sunshine, who really is just as sweet and gentle in real life as he looks in pictures. Two very different dogs, portrayed as best I can.

(If Daily Shoot makes it a three-peat, all bets are off...)

Oh dear, it seems the aheader I go, the behinder I get.

I still haven't fulfilled my part of the Versatile Blogger award, and along comes a lovely Inspirational Blogger award from My Life with Flyball Dogs. Some versatile inspirer I am!

Tomorrow... yes... tomorrow... (I guess that means you can cross "prompt" off as a possibility for "something you don't know about me")

Frog Prince?
 Anyone in need of a kiss? - Nursery Rhyme/Fairy Tale (Frog Prince)

But before Versatile Blogger and before Inspirational Blogger we had houndstooth asking... "What the heck is flickr Explore?" Ok... that's not quite how she phrased it, but it was so long ago that I can't seem to find the post that had the comment (too long ago?) to see what the comment actually said.

But it was something like that.

Anyway, every day flickr automagically picks the 500 most "interesting" pictures of that day. No one is quite sure what makes a picture "interesting", but flickr goes out of their way to tell you it has nothing specifically to do with the quality of picture, rather it has something to do with how many comments and favs a picture gets, and the closer in the time the better, and the sorts of groups they come from (award groups or groups that require comments are considered "bad") and who knows what else.

These pictures are displayed in the flickr Explore pages, and as people see them there, and comment on them, they move up and down the rankings, sometimes falling out to be replaced by others. The guess I read is that there actually around 2000 pictures that get Explored every day, and the ranking can change as days pass and pictures grow or fade in popularity.

Considering the huge volume of pictures uploaded to flickr every day, 500 or even 2000 is still a pretty small number.

And then there have been a few comments asking if I ever plan on training my dogs again. Ok... probably not phrased that way, but the short answer is Yes. In fact, training goes on in the background, you just don't hear about it.

No one is in a class at the moment and I do not yet have Sue's new Steps to Success book (successor to Training Levels) as she wants PayPal, and I don't have PayPal. I've been asking around to try to find a local friend who does, but have so far come up empty.

I hate to discuss a training program that I don't have much info about, so, for the moment, all is quiet on the training front. At least formally. The dogs are always working on something in the background, and at the moment, the leading item is "Stay".

Enchanted Forest
World in Miniature  - "Yellow lichen threatens to breach the wooden ramparts and spill down into the verdant valley bellow."

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Annieke said...

LOL. Thanks for indulging me! There's an option on Paypal to pay as a guest, for which you just use your credit card. Would that be an option?

You're taking some seriously nice shots with Baby! ;-)

houndstooth said...

Okay, this is funny, because I took a picture of some lovely lily pads on Sunday and thought about posting them as part of the Frog Prince at hubby's urging, but I argued that there were no frogs in sight! lol I LOVE that picture!

I finally figured out Explore a little after I asked you, but your explanation explains more! I'd definitely say that your picture was worthy of Explore! :) Congratulations!

I think you got a great capture of Henry for the beautiful assignment, and I see you're off the threepeat hook this morning! Today's should be a piece of cake for you!

P.S. I see you've Inspired somebody else this morning, too! ;)

Sheltie Times said...

Love the nature shots. You may have to resort to recruiting dogs.

Amber-Mae said...

Love the last shot. Very lovely!

Tanner and Beth said...

Those are some really thoughtful, beautiful shots. Thanks for sharing.

Puppy Kisses,

Pamela said...

That's a very elegant photo of Henry. Love the way you filled the screen.

greygirl25 said...

Ahhh, Henry is beautiful too.

And yes, you can have another Inspirational award.

You have been given an Inspiration Award!

Stop by my blog to pick it up:


Kolchak Puggle said...

That picture just makes me want to snuggle up to Henry. What a sweetie!