Friday, June 3, 2011



Dog Blog Post #349: I knew what I wanted as soon as I read the Daily Shoot assignment...

Illustrate symmetry in a photograph today.

And the picture up top (which I tweeted) was it. It's nice when things actually turn out as planned!

Here's a few alternates...



I did take the camera out during fetch, on the off chance I got lucky and caught the boys "in stride" together. Alas, no such luck. Henry is far too busy trying to grab Zachary's ears to run nice and parallel. The best I could get was matching paws and jaws...

Almost Symmetry

And finally, here's today's sort-of-dog scavenge challenge - a picture of a "No" sign...

No Dogs Allowed

Signs such as that are far too common around here.  :(

This is the first for on the June list, reproduced below for your viewing pleasure...

1) June 5 is World Environment Day. See this thread for details.
2) Get your camera in the picture. Use a second camera or use a reflection, your choice.
3) Explore the world in miniature, i.e., "where pebbles are boulders and parsley is a tree."
4) Photograph water droplets on any surface. Be careful not to blow out the highlights!
5) Physical sport is the subject of this exercise. What do you play or enjoy?
6) Can you guess what this is? Present a common object in an uncommon point of view.
7) Cross over the bridge! Large or small, bridges have a lot of character.
8) Use a fast shutter speed to freeze or slow the action of something in motion.
9) You have a whole month. Show us your best sunset or sunrise.
10) A simple picture on a wall can create drama if presented in the right light. Go moody.
11) Join the crowd. Catch a candid shot of someone shopping indoors or outside.
12) Show us your stuffies! How cute a pose can you arrange for a stuffed animal?
13) "No" signs forbid just about anything somewhere. What won't they allow you to do?
14) Painted surfaces are boring when they're new. In age, they're more ap-peel-ing.
15) Fixed...for now. Duct tape, baling wire, rubber bands make do as temporary repairs.
16) Washing dishes, making coffee, feeding the cat...what do you do daily?
17) A weed is just an unloved wildflower. Let's make them the stars for once!
18) Hammer, screwdriver, pliers...what's in your basic tool collection?
19) Urban or rural, create a classic landscape image shooting at a wide angle.
20) What's your favorite color? Create a photo showcasing its shades.
21) Find a nice spot for a picnic and present the scene in a photo (basket optional).
22) Insert a caption into a photo and make us laugh! Bonus points for critters.
23) Isolate a simple subject on a plain background. Suggestion: use a sheet of colored foam.
24) What's the oldest item of clothing or accessory in your closet? Dress it up!
25) What is the Rule of Thirds? Think "Tic-tac-toe!" See the Education Center for examples and then create a black-and-white photograph using the Rule.

Numbers 3, 6, 15, and 17 were on suggestion lists I submitted to the Suggestions thread, so I only have myself to blame if I get stuck on them!

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24 Paws of Love said...

They are all perfect, but I especially like the first and second one. So how are you enjoying your new camera? Looks like it is working out nicely. Great shots!

houndstooth said...

Oh, so we have you to blame for part of the list? Gah!

I love all of your symmetry shots, which turned out much cuter than mine! Now I'm trying to figure out what I can do for an edge shot that I can possibly like as much as I did it the last time!

Sheltie Times said...

The first one was almost scary. They were wonderful shots.

Sage said...

I love the picture of Zachery and Henry together, tongues stuck out and smiling for the camera!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! JUNE is surely a great wonderful month. As always LOVE your photos. Sending you Lots of Golden Smiles. Happy Friday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar