Friday, April 15, 2011

Repeating Patterns

ds515 - Repeating Patterns

Dog Blog Post #300: Post #300? Wow! That deserves a band, or a cake, or something...

... but, alas, no. It's dog class night, I'm tired, my hands smell like hot dog despite having washed them 1000 times, and trying to dream up something fancy is beyond me at the moment.

"So how was dog class," you ask?

Why, it was pretty good, actually. If you recall that last class I freaked Henry out by backing him away from the "friendly strangers" when he broke his sit. That led to him thinking I thought the strangers weren't so friendly, and thus he began to stand behind me and peer around my leg, as though expecting them to sprout horns and start devouring the canines in the class.

Oops. My bad.

This week, all I wanted was for him to keep four-on-the-floor, and for the most part, he did. He also seemed to have forgotten that these were scary people last week, and greeted all with a happy wag, and (mostly) four-on-the-floor.

By the end, he was actually sitting and soaking up the lovin', so perhaps we both got what we wanted. :)

We also worked on recalls (I love peanut butter in little pouches), sits-n-downs, stays (doing mighty fine, there), heeling (sigh), and trying to walk to another dog without running to the end of the leash to go visit.

Did I mention he was doing mighty fine in stays?
... and recalls?

Well, maybe we should just leave it at that.

ds515 - Repeating PatternsToday's Daily Shoot assignment:

Make a photograph that features repeating patterns.

Well, I thought I had a good idea. I broke out "the set" and a piece of fabric I picked up a few weeks ago that I was holding in reserve until "just the right moment".

Alas, it seems I got the Missing Skill of the Day, as when I pulled it out of the fabric basket, and draped it over the backboard, I didn't notice all the wrinkles.

Ok... I did noticed them just a bit, but I figured if anything looked too bad I could just stamp it out in my fake photoshop.


It seems that trying to use the stamp tool for a repeating but yet random pattern in many colors is well above my skill level.


Yes, I took some pictures of Henry, too. No, the didn't come out any better (or worse) but as Henry has been in the last few daily shoots, and had several paragraphs devoted to class time, I thought Zachary deserved the lime-light tonight.

And for the (non-dog) Scavenge Challenge we have "Tacky knick-knacks - check your mother's house!" For better or worse, I didn't need to fly down to mom's for this not-so-little guy (standing over a foot tall!)...

Tacky knick-knack

... but if you want to know his history, you'll have to click on the image. This is a dog blog, after all!

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houndstooth said...

I think you're way too worried about those wrinkles! My bet is that they are a lot more noticeable to you than they are to other viewers. My eye goes straight to Zachary and skips the wrinkles, which I would barely have taken note of if you hadn't mentioned it.

Perhaps taunted wasn't the right word. Lured might have been better! :P And now you've roped me into the scavenger hunt! You evil, evil photographer! What am I going to do on Monday when I have to go back to work and break is over?

KB said...

I would have never noticed the wrinkles if you hadn't pointed them out. I think that those photos are gorgeous! Maybe I should check out the daily shoot, or whatever it's called. It sounds like fun!

Oh, I know the "hands that smell like hot dogs" syndrome...

greygirl25 said...

I love the colorful background, where did you find the scavenger hunt? What a hoot.