Friday, April 8, 2011

Low Contrast

ds508 - Low Contrast

Dog Blog Post #293:Yes, I suppose yesterday's picture did look a tad Egyptian! :)

Today's Daily Shoot assignment was a repeat of one that I felt pretty good about last time around:

Make a low contrast photograph today.

Back on March 5 we saw pretty much the same assignment, and this was my favorite...

ds475 - Low Contrast

... (see Soft and Sweet)

But for whatever reason, a repeat was not in the cards. I don't know if it was because the light wasn't good (it wasn't) or I was in a hurry (I was) or I was just looking for something a bit different and didn't find it.

I did get some decent pictures - the one I uploaded is up top (Henry "wearing" my robe) - and a couple more are below...

ds508 - Low Contrast

ds508 - Low Contrast

... but they weren't what I was hoping for.

I did take a few I liked (but didn't meet the "Low Contrast" assignment):

Zachary and Bunny

and my favorite...

Zachary and Bunny

I think if I was Bunny, I would be worried in that last shot!

There were also a few more where I liked the pose, but not the lighting, and will probably try them again when I get the chance.

(Yeah, I know, tomorrow brings a new assignment!)

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houndstooth said...

All day yesterday, I was looking to see what you did for that! I wasn't so thrilled with the assignment, I guess partly because I'm drawn to color, but I had fun experimenting with it. I liked today's assignment a lot better! :) I love the one in the robe, though! That is just so sweet!

I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to go back to work! I'm really getting hooked on The Daily Shoot! *brandishes rolling pin*