Friday, April 22, 2011


ds522 - Water

Dog Blog Post #307: Today's Daily Shoot was:

Make a photograph that features water today.

Last time this one came around, I totally wimped out, resorting to a stream of water from the hose shot into the pond...

ds479 - Water

Not a bad picture, I suppose, but not a lot of effort on my part either.

Today, having a bit more time, I decided to get a bit more elaborate. Alas, the sun was no longer coming in the kitchen slider, but it was close. So I grabbed a kitchen chair, put it just outside the slider in direct sun, set up the tripod so the camera would be pointing into the (much darker) house, put a wooden cutting board on the chair, and got a lovely lavender-tinted crystal bowl my mother-in-law had given me some time ago.

A glass full of water, a handy dog (Henry, in the case of the picture at the top of this post) and a 10 second delay on the camera was all it took. Well, that, and a few shots to get the actual timing of the pour vs. dogs head!

As it looked like one of them would be "good enough" from the LCD, I decided to play around with the setup a bit. First, I just tipped the bowl a bit so Zachary could get a drink. I wondered if I could get a shot of his tongue, lapping, but the bowl shape and relatively shallow depth of water conspired against me....

ds522 - Water

I then dropped a cookie in water, and ended up with the picture below. Who would have thought both muzzles would fit in that tiny bowl!

ds522 - Water

The idea for the cutting board in the sun was taken from a Scavenger Challenge shot I made a few days ago, for my "Unusual Kitchen Tool"...

Unusual Kitchen Tool

... except that shot was taken just inside the slider. But again, it's the difference between the well-lit board vs. the unlit room that turned the background black.

(BTW: I think we finally decided it was a hamburger press, although if something knows otherwise, feel free to let me know!)

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Ruth said...

I love Henry's expectant look in the first photo!

Amber-Mae said...

Great water shots! And Happy Easter!!

houndstooth said...

I just LOVE that first shot! It's perfect! I am still struggling with juggling time and photos, plus, we've had horrible weather, which hasn't made for the best light for photos. I was so relieved when I saw today's assignment and looked at our stormy skies! Finally I caught a break!

I think it is a hamburger press! What a cool gadget!

greygirl25 said...

Great water shots, I love your thought processes. For the brief time I tried the daily shoot I could never get past, crap, what am I going to do?