Friday, February 3, 2017

Water Pitcher

Water Pitcher
Zachary and Water Pitcher

Water Pitcher
Henry and Water Pitcher

Dog Blog Post #2356

Meet my new White Stretch Velvet Knit.

I've looked for this fabric in the local fabric store, off and on, for several years.

It's a white version of my favorite Black Stretch Velvet Knit, and I was hoping it would be just as wonderful to photograph against.

Alas, the years have past, with nary a yard to be found.

Finally, in the depths of despair, I went to Amazon and took a chance on a random company with a promising product photo.

It was $7.50 a yard.

I'm sure I paid much more than that for the Black Velvet, so to say I wasn't expecting much from purchase would be an understatement.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the package tonight and found what is essentially the exact same fabric as my Black Velvet - only in white.

A lovely, clear, glowing white.

With no wrinkles.

I was ecstatic.

Of course, every good story needs an obstacle or two, and in tonight's case it was me being the obstacle.

Or rather my big old shadow, falling across the lovely whiteness, as I stupidly stood too close to the umbrella.


Back to the Whiteness Tool I had to go.

But, there is a ray of hope at the end of this story.

As the boys ran off to the other room to enjoy their jackpot of Cookies I'd scattered across the floor, I took a moment to capture just the water picture.

And since I was behind the camera, I obviously wasn't standing between umbrella and background this time.

And THAT picture came out beautifully white (below).

FWIW: There is a second flash sitting on the floor on the left, pointing at the background at a 45 degree angle, firing at 1/2 power.

Much random experimentation and a lot of bad pictures has gone into determining the power, placement, and angle of this flash.

Oh, as for the Challenges:

Water is Essential for good Health

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1921. "Essential"

117 Pictures in 2017 - #32. "Essential"

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 3, 2017 - "Health"

Water Pitcher
Water Pitcher flying solo

Aside from upping the whiteness of the entire picture a bit, and cloning out a few of the more obvious dirt specs on the floor, this is pretty much what the camera took.

Looks like I might need to tone down the left flash just a smidgen - but for a first try, it's not bad!

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Unknown said...

Gosh, how I have missed seeing your beautiful pups and wonderful photography!!!

Furries said...

Wow, excellent photo technique with the stark white background and glossy pitcher.