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Renaissance Dog

Renaissance Dog
Renaissance Henry

Dog Blog Post #2370

One hip hat... 450 years ago.

This is a sneak peak at prop #9 - a Tudor Flat Cap, without doubt my most ambitious sewing project to date.

It's loosely based on a rather rough drawing I found on the internet (which I vaguely followed) and a painting of Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester - a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I.

Fashioned from a remnant of costume "velvet", the top is lined with flannel to give it some body and the brim is lined with felt to make it a bit stiffer. It's impossible to see in the picture, but the top is pleated into the crown.

It was sewn entirely by hand - mostly because I didn't know what I was doing, so by the time I got done basting the bits together it was just as easy to keep going as to get out the machine.

Which probably would have whined about the thick layers, anyway.

While the hat is technically done (as of today!) I want to find a fancy ribbon or chain to go around it to replace this simple piece of ribbon.

FWIW: The top is help up by a reused, crumpled up, thin plastic bag, which brought home some new goodies from the fabric store this evening. The hat could also be worn completely flat, poofed up like a bowler, or with the top stretched over a plastic mesh circle to look somewhat mad-hatter-esk (yes, I tried it!)

(Prop #8, while completed, has yet to have its moment to shine.)

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 19, 2017 - "Hip"

Daily Dog Challenge 1937. "Hip To Be Square"

100x - 19 : Renaissance Dog #1 - yes, I know I said 100 unique "roles", but I'm thinking this is a pretty broad topic that can be be unique treated more than once. :)

Note to self: stop being lazy and iron creased backdrops before using. It takes me longer to obfuscate the creases in Lightroom than it would to do the ironing!

Renaissance Dog
Renaissance Zachary

To read more about Robert Dudley (or see paintings/etchings) :,_1st_Earl_of_Leicester

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