Sunday, February 12, 2017


Obsession 6/52
Zachary: "Be the ball."
Henry: "You're certainly round enough."

Dog Blog Post #2364

The boys don't have expensive tastes.

Zachary lives for his $2 Lacrosse Balls, while Henry's always found with some soft, floppy bit of fabric (towel, sock, underwear...) that can be carried about the house.

Of course, each is completely Unimpressed with the other's obsession, although they are well aware of it.

That is, if Henry is trying to get Zachary to play with him, he might grab a Lacrosse Ball and play keep-away. Likewise, Zachary will grab something soft and shake it to get Henry's attention.

Once play starts, the "lure" is dropped and forgotten as a rousing game of Bitey-Face ensues.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1930. "Unimpressed"

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 12, 2017 - "Cheap Date"

Just Because

The Boys
The Boys


Rip Shred
(rip shred)

I made a Starbucks run, bringing everyone their favorite drink then tossing the carrier to the boys, who happily laid there and shred it to pieces.

This is obviously an iPhone happy-snappy, made specially for the Flickr group "7 Days of Shooting" - topic "Mess and Mayhem - Geometry Sunday"

I really liked the angle the floor/wall made.

Just try to not look at the carpet, which is slated to be replaced... someday.

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Furries said...

Gorgeous photos today. It's interesting that the boys taunt each other with their favorite toys.