Wednesday, February 8, 2017

BZ Dog Scouts

BZ Dog Scout
BZ Dog Scout Henry

BZ Dog Scout
BZ Dog Scout Zachary

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The boys, proudly showing the Dog Tags they've earned so far as a BZ Dog Scout. I believe that's "Polite Puppy", "Good Citizen", and "Friendship".

Funny how they've earned exactly the same Dog Tags, isn't it?

Photography Assignment

100x - 14 : BZ Dog Scout

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 8, 2017 - "The Best Things In Life Are Free"

117 Pictures in 2017 - #89. "The Best Things In Life Are Free"

Daily Dog Challenge 1926. "Rewarding"

Son is an Eagle Scout, and I can't say enough for the program. The skills it teaches reach far beyond a sash of badges. Teamwork, leadership, planning, determination, respect for the environment and each other... I could go on and on.

While Hubby went hiking/backpacking with the troop as often as Son, I only went on one very short backpacking trip to the coast.

We were going to have a campfire, and the troop had brought a pile of firewood for the purpose. As the scouts headed out down the trail, each grabbed a piece of wood from the pile and shoved it somewhere - anywhere - on their packs.

They looked like ants making their way down the trail, each with a single chunk of wood.

I brought up the rear with Hubby, and by the time we got to the campsite the pile had magically reappeared.

It was a lovely campfire on a cold night, and a simple example of how people working together, each doing their own little part, can create something wonderful for everyone.

(No, I didn't have to carry any wood. But I did help make the JELLO Cheesecakes once we got there!)

Oh - and Feb 8 is Boy Scout Day, celebrating the birthday of Scouting in the USA, back in 1910.

And finally, this is Prop #5 for the year... and it probably needs a touch of ironing.

BZ Dog Scout
The Nobel Dog Scout

BZ Dog Scout
Zachary: "Hey Mom, when do we get to earn the Naughty Dog Tag?"

Hmm.... Let me see that Dog Tag book.

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